The specific method of Steam upgrading

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Steam's personal account level is often ignored by players. Many players choose the Steam platform to enter the game. After playing the game happily, they find that their Steam account has a level system. Some OCD players are upset and need to upgrade. To catch up with others and stand out among friends, then let's talk about how to upgrade the Steam account level.

First, if you want to upgrade your steam level boost, there are two main ways to upgrade. The first is to buy games, and the second is to play games.

Just spend money, buy games crazy, you can add experience. Every time you buy a game on Steam, you can add a little experience point no matter what.

You have to play the game after you buy the game, but it's not that the more you play, the more experienced you will be. There is a unique system in Steam called the game trading card.

This card will randomly drop as you play the game. Each game has its own cards that you need to collect. These cards are completely dropped randomly, and then you need to collect all the printed cards to synthesize them. Gain a lot of experience points.

Of course, you can trade these cards from other players through the Steam community market, and the prices are very cheap. Except for those rare cards, basically, a card is only two or three cents.

After collecting all the cards, you can synthesize badges and get experience rewards.

Levels 1 to 10 require 100 experience per level, levels 10 to 20 require 200 experience points per level, and so on.

1. The Steam level is equivalent to your personal status symbol. Generally, as you said above, you can gain experience by buying games. Therefore, the higher the Steam level, the higher the Steam level, it means that this person has invested a lot of money on Steam and has a full experience Up your consumption level.

2. The higher the level, the more generous the content restrictions you can display on your personal homepage. Every 10 levels you can add a showcase display position on your homepage, which can be used to enrich your personal data homepage. Those rare achievements and awesome screenshots of the game can all be uploaded to show your dignity.

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