The first change of Steam level

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Have you ever cared about the level of your Steam account? It seems that in addition to increasing the richness of the personal homepage, and the endless play of friends, there is only the role of showing off. However, there is always a group of rich people who want to be the first in this regard.

These wealthy users buy cards in the steam market and synthesize a set of medals to get 100 points of experience, and the experience will increase as the level increases. Then buying a game will also increase a little experience point.

The first player ID that appeared in our field of vision was Palm Desert. He invested 20,000 to 50,000 US dollars on Steam, which is about 132,000 to 332,000 yuan. After spending so much money, of course, there are a lot of games. He has more than 5,000 games, more than 3,300 DLCs for various games, and 58,000 cards, badges, and articles.

The second place is Level 3723 of St4ck. Then another Russian player with ID called Magic should have been mad at level 3907 after dissatisfied.

What is unexpected is that the St4ck player mentioned above, in order to overtake in 2020, even unrelentingly thrown away Magic by more than 1,000 levels. He successfully broke through from level 3723 to level 5000. There are 4629 games in his inventory, and it takes about 1252500 sets of cards to upgrade from level 0 to level 5000, which is about 300,000 US dollars.

With such a quick upgrade method of buying Cheap Steam Level Up, the level has become a way for rich players to show off their wealth. On St4ck's steam homepage, steam’s most special blue parrot medal is also on his page. I think he just wants to tell everyone his love for blue parrots, right?