That the player will be able to wear things such as Dharok's greataxe

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It is why Defence, Hitpoints, and Prayer skills are usually the ones that are lower level. It is hard to estimate which RuneScape gold of the skills are the least significant, therefore it's up to participant tastes which ones to stay low and to maximum. When deciding, remember that the lower your level is, the easier enemies you are able to fight, and therefore, the more successful you'll be.

When it comes to the most suppressed stat, it is usually Defence, which isn't essential for PVP. The greater the target's Defence level, the lesser is your chance to land an assault on him . However, it doesn't decrease the total amount of damage that you are able to deal. This skill is also responsible for your ability to use equipment. You won't be able to wear a good helmet or armour without meeting the Defence level necessity. It's the most crucial part since better equipment can decrease the amount of damage you take.

So why is Defence less significant than the skills accountable for damage dealing? It is because, moreover Defence ability, you have Hit Points feature, which determines the amount of health you have. If your Runescape 3 gold health points are large, you might survive a lot even with all the first level in Defence skill.